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Portfolios :: Small Cap Value

Small Cap Value

Federated Clover's Small Cap Value portfolio pursues the generation of long term capital growth through investing in smaller company stocks. This strategy offers exposure to the important small capitalization region of the market, through a diversified portfolio of small cap equities with lower-than-average valuations and improving fundamental business outlooks.  Federated Clover believes that equities possessing these characteristics can provide attractive long term returns to investors.

Portfolio Construction

  • Continuously positioned in inexpensive, small cap stocks
  • Well diversified – generally 90-110 holdings with some participation in all economic sectors
  • Benchmark sector limits: +/-7% of the Russell 2000 Value Index

Performance (%) as of 3/31/2016*:

  1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years 15 Years 
Clover Small Cap (Gross)  -7.79 6.22 6.79 6.65 9.25
Clover Small Cap (Net) -8.61 5.27 5.74 5.66 8.29
Russell 2000 Value -7.72 5.73 6.67 4.42 8.22

Gross performance results are presented before advisory fees, but after custodial fees and brokerage commissions.  Net performance results are presented after deducting a management fee in accordance with the firm's fee schedule set forth in Part 2 of the firm's Form ADV. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

*Supplemental to the GIPS presentation.

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Portfolio Managers:

Stephen K. Gutch, CFA

Martin A. Jarzebowski, CFA


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